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USC Stresses Fitness on World Health Day
World Health Day L.A. will kick off the national “Walk to London 2012" on April 7 in Los Angeles.
USC Cancer Researchers Present Work at International Meeting
More than 70 research projects from the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center were highlighted at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.
Report Identifies Public Health Actions for Epilepsy
An estimated 2.2 million people in the United States live with epilepsy, a complex brain disorder characterized by sudden and often unpredictable seizures, but a new report from the Institute of Medicine highlights numerous gaps in the knowledge and management of epilepsy.
Occupational Therapy Spotlights World Autism Awareness Day
The USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy’s homepage is lit up blue today in celebration of World Autism Awareness Day.
USC Researcher Discovers Clue to Reversing Effects of Alzheimer’s
A USC researcher has made an important molecular discovery that could lead to the reverse of some of the worst effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
Are Parents Price-Sensitive About Children's Medication?
Health insurance policies that shift costs to patients through higher co-payments may have serious unintended consequences for children, including less use of effective treatments and an increased number of hospitalizations, according to a new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by researchers from the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC.
New Elements Discovered in Process of Regenerating a Damaged Liver
Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have identified cells that can initiate healing of a damaged liver.
FDA Approves Device Used to Treat Heartburn
The Keck Medical Center of USC is one of only three centers in California approved to use a novel device approved on March 22 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat severe acid reflux.
New Fotonovela Deals With Obesity
The rate of obesity is higher than ever, and children especially are at risk, with more than 20 percent of 6- to 11-year-old youngsters qualifying as obese.
USC Professor Receives His Profession’s Top Honor
USC professor Rob Landel was selected as a Catherine Worthingham fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association.
Autism Symposium Highlighted by Personal Experiences
Hundreds of faculty members, students, alumni and community partners gathered on March 9 at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center for the 23rd Occupational Science Symposium hosted by the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.
Rubicon Protein Is Key Regulator of Immune System, Study Shows
A global team of microbiologists led by USC has identified a critical protein in the fight against bacterial and fungal infections, such as tuberculosis and ringworm, laying the groundwork for scientists to develop target-specific drugs that have fewer side effects.
USC to Conduct Clinical Trials of Kidney Injury
The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health has awarded the USC School of Pharmacy a contract for $352,733 to conduct an observational study to evaluate biomarkers of aminoglycoside-induced kidney toxicity among patients with cystic fibrosis.
USC Symposium to Focus on Infants and Children
The second annual Sykes Symposium on Pediatric Physical Therapy, Health and Development on March 16-17 will offer an opportunity to learn how innovative research with developmentally challenged infants and children is being translated into clinical practice.
New Drug Target Found for Pulmonary Fibrosis
A team led by USC researchers has identified a target in lung cells that may lead to new treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive disease that ultimately robs a patient of the ability to breathe.
Students Learn About Life and Health at Kids’ Day
The USC School of Pharmacy held its annual Kids’ Day, inviting 110 students from El Sereno Middle School on March 2 to learn about health and well-being.
USC Studies Obesity and Low Muscle Mass
Older people who are obese and have low muscle mass are more susceptible to physical functioning problems in everyday life, whether it is standing up or walking around, according to a new USC study published in Obesity.
Neurorehab Journal Profiles USC Professor
Carolee J. Winstein is the subject of a laudatory full-page article in the February issue of Neurorehabilitation & Neural Repair.
Research Aims to Improve Therapy of Head and Neck Cancer
Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and The State University of New York at Buffalo have developed a method that increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy for head and neck cancer treatment in mouse models by more than 50 percent.
Pooch Power Cheers Ailing Patients
Keck Hospital of USC is enlisting the help of some furry, four-legged friends in its quest to provide compassionate care.
UPHC Earns Credit Where Credit's Due
As the University Park Health Center (UPHC) moves into a new building named for donors Roger and Michele Dedeaux Engemann ’68 it will do so with the maximum, three-year seal of approval from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.
Occupational Science Student Awarded NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship
USC doctoral candidate Sook-Lei Liew MA '08 was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, based at the National Institutes of Health.
Keck School Neuroscientist Talks Autism at AAAS
Prenatal exposure to traffic-related air pollutants, combined with a genetic predisposition to autism, appears to alter brain development and significantly increase the risk for developing the disorder, according to ongoing research from the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
USC Scientists Reveal Clues About Structure of Proteins
Research by Keck School of Medicine of USC and USC School of Pharmacy scientists has revealed a new clue about the structure of proteins involved in type 2 diabetes.
USC Price Peers Into China’s Environmental Future
Matthew Kahn proudly calls himself a “free market environmentalist.” During his recent talk on “China’s Future Green Cities” at Lewis Hall, he explained the moniker as part of the Urban Growth Seminar Series hosted by the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and the USC Center for Sustainable Cities.
Movies and Memories
Whispers come from the hallway as Margaret Thatcher’s assistants speak about her deteriorating mental condition. As she peeks through a crack in the door, Thatcher eavesdrops and occasionally speaks with her husband, who is eating his breakfast.
Pharmacy Students Travel to Central America
Members of the USC School of Pharmacy’s chapter of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association conducted health fairs and provided health education programs in Belize.
Trickett Honored for Sexual Abuse Research
Penelope Trickett has received the 2012 Excellence in Research Award from the Society for Social Work Research for her work measuring cortisol levels over two decades among victims of sexual abuse.
USC Institute of Urology Receives $13.3 Million Gift
USC president C. L. Max Nikias, appearing at a meeting of the USC Institute of Urology on Feb. 7, announced an anonymous gift of $13.3 million that will fund the forthcoming USC Urology Robotics Center of Excellence and a program for prostate cancer targeting.
Most Low-Income Children Keep Health Insurance Despite Premium Hike
Nearly 4,500 low-income immigrant children, or 20 percent of overall membership, dropped out of a public health insurance program in Los Angeles County due to a premium increase, according to a 30-month analysis led by USC researchers.
Federal Agency Features Professor’s Research on Depression
A federal agency that highlights groundbreaking health care research has featured USC School of Social Work professor Kathleen Ell’s innovative efforts to improve depression treatment among low-income Hispanics with diabetes.
Study Produces New Findings on Autism and GI Dysfunction
A researcher at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has published a study highlighting the importance of physicians listening to parental reports of gastrointestinal problems in their autistic children and screening these children for gastrointestinal dysfunction.
Ostrow School Celebrates Give Kids a Smile Day
The Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC took part in the national Give Kids a Smile Day service event on Feb. 3 by providing free dental screenings and oral health education to local elementary school children.
Autism Experts to Gather at USC Symposium
USC faculty and community experts are slated to convene on March 9 at the USC Occupational Science Symposium.
Chi Named to Honorary Post at University of Hong Kong
USC School of Social Work professor Iris Chi was named honorary associate director of the Sau Po Centre on Aging at the University of Hong Kong.
Fit Families Nutritionist Wins Role Model Award
Nutritionist Sara Train has received a $2,500 Maestro Positivo (Positive Role Model) award from the California Milk Processor Board.
What’s Best for Your Aging Brain?
Conventional wisdom and popular science suggest many solutions to keeping our minds sharp as we age: medications, physical exercise, brain games. But which is truly best?
Researchers Study Kaposi’s Sarcoma Virus
To understand a virus that causes cancer - and ultimately learn how to beat it - scientists must be able to infect a healthy cell with the virus, keep that cell alive and transform it into a cancerous cell.
Obese Women on Depo-Provera May Increase Diabetes Risk, Study Shows
Obese women may increase their risk for developing type 2 diabetes by using the birth control shot marketed as Depo-Provera, according to a study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
With Transformative Gift, USC Launches Keck Medicine Initiative
The W. M. Keck Foundation’s June 2011 $150 million naming gift is the lead donation to support the new $1.5 billion Keck Medicine Initiative.
Ostrow School Resident Provides Care in Thailand
Dozens of patients in Thailand received free dental care from first-year Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC advanced endodontics resident Sue Suh in December.
Cancer Study Examines Diets High in Fish
New research from USC and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) has found that eating salmon and other dark, fatty fish may decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer, while consuming flounder and other white, lean fish may increase the risk.
Bridging the GAP
Rekindling the romantic spark between a 90-year-old wife and her 94-year-old husband was just another day at the office for the Geriatric Assessment Program, a cross-campus project with interdisciplinary roots at USC.
Mexico Program Targets Care for Mentally Ill
In a neighborhood in Puebla, Mexico, a dozen promotoras - health care workers who screen ill people to determine what level of doctor care they need - gathered at a private home for a chat with a USC professor and his students.
Agus’ Book Focuses on New View of Health
A new definition of health and how to achieve it is the subject of a new book written by David Agus, a faculty physician and researcher at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
$15 Million Norris Gift Funds USC Cancer Care
USC has announced an expansion of cancer care facilities made possible by a $15 million donation from the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation.
Gene Mutation That Increases Risk for Lupus Found
An international team of researchers led by Chaim O. Jacob, associate professor of medicine and microbiology & immunology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, has identified a gene mutation involved in causing lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin, joints and organs.
Breakthroughs Recalled by National Cancer Act’s Anniversary
On Dec. 23, 1971, the National Cancer Act was signed into law, strengthening the National Cancer Institute and signaling the start of what has come to be known as the “war on cancer.”
New Human Performance Therapy Lab Opens
A celebration was held last month to launch the opening of the Human Performance Laboratory, a joint effort of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at USC and the Competitive Athlete Training Zone.
USC Scientists Find Missing Link in Regulation of Glucose
A team led by USC neuroscientist Alan Watts identified for the first time a biochemical signal that helps regulate the amount of glucose in the blood.
$11 Million Grant Funds Study of PTSD Therapies
Researchers at three centers have been awarded an $11 million, four-year grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to test different ways to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including the use of a virtual reality exposure therapy developed at ICT.
Low-Income Latino Neighborhoods May Protect Against Frailty
Mexican-American neighborhoods seem to offer protective health benefits for the older adults who live there, according to a new USC study.
Epigenetic Control of Infection-Fighting Blood Cells Discovered
USC researchers have discovered how a particular enzyme results in modifications to DNA proteins.
USC Scientists Find Mechanism for Reprogramming Stem Cells
In healthy bodies, liver cells beget liver cells, while skin cells beget skin cells.
Peter Jones Earns Top Honor for Cancer Fight
The American Cancer Society (ACS) has awarded Peter Jones, Distinguished Professor of Urology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, its highest honor for his contributions in fighting cancer.
Just Say Yes to Flu Shots
No one likes getting shots. But a two-second prick in the arm is the best protection against up to two weeks in bed with a high fever, crippling body aches and other painful symptoms of the seasonal flu.
Woman of a Certain Age
The floral crown - purple and white, intricately woven - shone in Ph.D. student Maria Siciliano’s dark hair. After chemotherapy, it had grown back thick, wild, exuberant.
Ostrow School Staffer to be Honored in Washington, D.C.
A staff member at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC will be honored on Dec. 6 for her outstanding efforts in oral health education.
Program Helps Children Fight Obesity
Operated by USC Dornsife’s Joint Educational Project (JEP), the USC Young Scientists Program joins forces with the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy to hold a health and fitness studio at a local elementary school.
Tilson Contributes to International Health Care Statement
Assistant professor Julie Tilson has co-authored an international statement on standards for teaching evidence-based practice in health care.
Dentistry Offers New Online Program in Oral Medicine
A new program at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC allows dentists from around the world to enrich their clinical skills - all from the convenient location of their own dental practices.
Running Toward Greatness
“Cancer put me through the ringer,” McLaughlin blogs. “I came out of it insecure, anxious and with a major attitude. I wondered, ‘why me?’ 10 out of 24 hours a day. And I will admit to being miserable to be around.”
Keck Medical Center Targets Health Care in China
The Keck Medical Center of USC is extending its reach into the Far East.
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Tammy Lumpkins, 46, has had heart disease for nearly 20 years. She was living comfortably on medication and a pacemaker until early this year. Her health quickly began to deteriorate, landing her in the hospital in July.
Study Finds Disparities in Hospital Care Associated with Excess Air Pollution
Black residents in California are more than twice as likely as white residents to seek medical care at hospitals because of health problems triggered by the state’s high levels of air pollution, according to a new study.
USC Students Recognized at Pharmaceutical Meeting
Two USC School of Pharmacy doctoral students took top honors for their research projects at the annual meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in Washington, D.C., in October.
Helping Retirees Choose the Right Drug Plan
The USC School of Pharmacy has teamed up with the USC Emeriti Center and USC Senior Care to provide university retirees with counseling and information sessions to help them select the Medicare Part D plan that’s right for their specific needs.
USC Student to Compete in Tuition Contest
Zuleima B. Hidalgo, a USC Doctor of Physical Therapy student, was selected as a finalist in the Dr Pepper $100,000 Tuition Giveaway contest.
USC Dental Humanitarian Club Headed to Colombia
The USC Dental Humanitarian Club will lead students and faculty on a trip to Colombia in December.
A New Name for World-Class Medicine
The University of Southern California’s renowned doctors and nationally ranked private hospitals have a new name: Keck Medical Center of USC.
Senior-Friendly Social Media
Students of the USC Davis School of Gerontology’s Social Media Lab wanted to give older adults a free Internet lesson - they didn’t mean to frighten them.
International Allies in Aging
The bonds of shared scholarship and science continue to connect the United States and Japan, two countries at the forefront of many of the aging revolution’s developments and breakthroughs.
Genetic Basis for Aggressive Breast Cancer Identified
Researchers have identified the location of a genetic risk factor for a type of breast cancer that disproportionately affects women of African descent and carries a worse prognosis than other forms of the disease.
USC Studies Underage Drinking by Black Teens
Research led by USC professor Mary Ann Pentz shows that black middle school students whose close friends drink alcohol are more likely to drink alcohol in high school than their white classmates.
Jackiewicz to Lead USC Health
Thomas E. Jackiewicz, a seasoned health care executive with a track record for innovation, creativity and strategic alignment, will assume USC’s newly created position of senior vice president and chief executive officer for USC Health, effective Jan. 1, 2012.
Maternal Diabetes Linked to Obesity in Offspring
A research team led by Sebastien G. Bouret, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, has made critical discoveries demonstrating that maternal diabetes during pregnancy triggers obesity in the offspring and sets them up for lifelong health issues.
USC Study Predicts Survival of Children With Liver Disease
Kasper Wang co-authored a study that determines the defining factors that predict long-term survival in children with the liver disease biliary atresia.
HTE@USC Aims to Transform Health Care
Engineers and doctors have teamed up at USC to create a unique four-year program that emphasizes collaboration between the disciplines.
Genetic Variant in Pregnant Women Linked to Autism
A study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the University of California, Davis, has found that pregnant women with a particular gene variation are more likely to produce autoantibodies to the brains of their developing fetuses and that the children of these mothers are at greater risk of later being diagnosed with autism.
Five Scholars Join Faculty at Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
The USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy has appointed five new members to junior tenure-track faculty positions.
Walking for a Cause
On behalf of the millions of Americans afflicted with or affected by Alzheimer’s disease, students, staff and faculty of the USC Davis School of Gerontology took a great stride forward by marching in the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer’s.
Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Exercise
What are the most cost-effective ways for policymakers to promote exercise?
Gruber Named Director of USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
Stephen B. Gruber, a renowned physician-scientist from the University of Michigan, has been named director of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, effective Dec. 1.
Professor Receives Grant to Study Pediatric Eye Cancer
Susan Lee, assistant professor of research in the Department of Pathology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, was awarded a Knights Templar Eye Foundation grant.
Pharmacy Hosts Legislative Day
Elected officials, health care leaders, faculty and students gathered to offer insights into what needs to be done to optimize care while reducing costs.
Grant Awarded to Study Dental Environments
A two-year grant of $531,376 has been awarded to the USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.
USC Conference Looks at Future of Wireless Health
A video game that uses heart rate to speed up or slow a game character’s progress. A device that records a person’s electrocardiogram and sends the data to the person’s doctor or a daughter across the country. A wireless console that allows a mother to not only call in her sick child’s symptoms to a mobile nurse, but to conduct important tests and have the child monitored overnight, saving a trip to the emergency room.
Higher Deductibles May Reduce Health Costs
Prior research has shown that patients have little or no control over their health care spending once they began to receive a physician’s care, but a new study shows that plans combining higher deductibles with personal accounts - known as consumer-directed plans - can significantly reduce their costs.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kicks Off at Football Game
The Trojan Family will kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the home football game against the University of Arizona on Saturday.
USC Mobile Dental Clinic Cares for Vets
Hundreds of disadvantaged military veterans received medical help, counseling, employment assistance and other services as part of the eighth annual Compton Stand Down organized by the nonprofit group U.S. Vets.
USC, ASU Collaborate on Cancer Research
When the National Cancer Institute was looking for homes for its fledgling Physical Sciences Oncology centers, they looked to USC and Arizona State University to lead two of those centers that "think outside the box.”
Keck School Clinic Receives $125,000 for Breast Cancer Research
Women with little or no insurance who have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer are the beneficiaries of a $125,000 award to the Keck School of Medicine of USC from the Avon Foundation for Women.
Genetics May Predict Why Calcium Increases Risk for Prostate Cancer
A study led by USC epidemiologists suggests that a high intake of calcium causes prostate cancer among African-American men who are genetically good absorbers of the mineral.
Primary Care Curriculum Launches at Keck School
In an effort to attract more medical students into primary care, the Keck School of Medicine of USC has launched a longitudinal curriculum in community medicine that began this school year.
Starving the Body Impacts Brain’s Ability to Resist Unhealthy Foods
Low blood sugar influences the body’s ability to resist high-calorie food, especially in obese individuals, according to research conducted by Keck School of Medicine of USC and Yale University faculty.
Prominent Public Health Researcher Joins USC
Global health pioneer Sofia Gruskin has joined the Keck School of Medicine of USC with a joint appointment at the USC Institute for Global Health and the USC Gould School of Law.
Ming Hsieh Institute Awards First Grants
The Ming Hsieh Institute for Engineering Medicine for Cancer has announced its first research awards.
Medical Homes Linked to Better Health, School Performance
Undocumented children who have access to health insurance are healthier and more engaged in school than those without insurance, according to researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
New Health Initiative Focuses on Immigrants
A diverse panel of experts from eight USC schools recently formed a new public health initiative to focus on the health of immigrants in the United States.
Habit Makes Bad Food Too Easy to Swallow
A new paper by USC researchers revealed why bad eating habits persist even when the food we’re eating doesn’t taste good.
Sentinel for Health Awards Focus on Topical TV
Hollywood, Health & Society announced eight finalists for the Sentinel for Health Awards.
USC Institute of Urology Adds New Technology
Detection of prostate cancer just became more accurate at the USC Institute of Urology, thanks to the addition of new technology, some of the first available in the United States.
Severe Morning Sickness May Be More Than a Passing Thing
An extreme form of pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting takes a heavy toll on thousands of women each year and can lead to hospitalization and pregnancy termination.
The Man Who Declared War on Waste
David Belson once watched a CT scan technician reading a novel with a waiting room full of patients.
Health Sciences Campus Gets Fit With New Center
USC's Health Sciences campus kicked off the academic year with a new, 10,000-square-foot fitness center in the 2001 Soto Street building.
Most Physicians Will Face Malpractice Claims
While most physicians in the United States will face a malpractice lawsuit at some time in their careers, a new study finds the vast majority of those suits will not result in payment to a plaintiff.
U.S. Longevity Goes Up in Smoke
Why do people in Japan, France and Australia live longer than people in America?
DVD Series Targets Transplantation
Production on USC School of Pharmacy assistant professor Mel Baron’s latest health literacy project is under way.
Researchers Define Key Components in Lung Repair
A team of researchers has made crucial discoveries about the role of key proteins in wound healing.
Health Research Association Names Executive Director
Steven Mackey has been appointed the new executive director of the USC-affiliated Health Research Association and the executive director for clinical research at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Nutritional Lessons Boost Health of Latinos
Latino children who participated in an interventional gardening, nutrition and cooking program experienced significant health improvements, including lower body mass index and lower blood pressure, according to a study by researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the UCLA School of Public Health.
Taiwanese Get a Taste of Something New
As part of the USC School of Pharmacy’s dedication to spreading its global reach, the school hosted pharmacy students, faculty and practicing pharmacists from five Taiwanese universities during the month of July.
Delving Into USC’s Dental Explorers Program
More than 40 high school, college and postbaccalaureate students experienced multiple facets of the dental profession during the Dental Explorers Program at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.
A Breath of (Not So) Fresh Air
Commuters on the Los Angeles Red Line subway are exposed to higher levels of potentially hazardous components of particulate matter in the air - in some cases twice as much - as commuters on the above-ground Gold Line light rail, according to a new USC study.
Raising U.S. Life Expectancy Could Save $632 Billion
Forty years ago, Americans could expect to live slightly longer than Europeans. This since has reversed: In spite of similar levels of economic development, Americans now live about a year-and-a-half less, on average, than their Western European counterparts and also less than people in most other developed nations.
Professor to Examine Neurological Disorders
Treating neurological disorders is a complex undertaking, and often the therapies themselves can cause additional problems for those affected.
School of Pharmacy Helps International Travelers
The USC School of Pharmacy has signed an agreement with Good Neighbor Pharmacy, a national network of independently owned and operated community pharmacies, to provide an international travel health program for community pharmacists.
Pharmacy Students Offer Expertise in Mexico
Nine USC School of Pharmacy students headed to Tijuana, Mexico to take part in a two-day clinic.
California Endowment Health Journalism Fellows Announced
The USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism announced journalism awards totaling $53,500 to support investigative and explanatory reporting projects on health topics.
Strategies to Help Manage Diabetes
A scientist at USC is filling a critical gap in knowledge and care by developing strategies for coping with diabetes that are targeted specifically at young adults. Young adults with diabetes - those 18 to 25 years of age - have to go through the same adjustment to adulthood as their nondiabetic peers.
Hip Fracture Risk for Women Who Discontinue Hormone Therapy
Women who stop taking estrogen-based hormone therapy are at higher risk of hip fractures, according to a study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and Kaiser Permanente Southern California.
USC Hospitals Ranked Among Top National Hospitals
USC University Hospital and USC Norris Cancer Hospital placed among the best hospitals in the nation in the 2011-12 U.S. News & World Report magazine’s rankings of “America’s Best Hospitals.”
In-house Center Helps Solve Coverage of Chemo Treatments
In 2007, Shetal Desai was hired to solve a growing problem at the USC Norris Cancer Hospital - the trend of payers to dispute chemotherapy treatments averaging between $600,000 to $1 million each month.
USC Center Aims to Raise Health Awareness Through Storytelling
As the changing landscape of media creates fresh opportunities for entertainment, research and education, a new center at USC aims to position itself at the nexus of innovative storytelling and the development of novel health awareness and management strategies.
New Dentistry Grant to Support Future Researchers
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC professor Michael Paine has been selected as one of only four recipients nationwide for a T90 training grant from the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research.
'Healthy' Habits Linked to Childhood Obesity in China
Teenaged boys from well-off Chinese families who say they are physically active and eat plenty of vegetables but few sweets are more likely to be overweight, according to a study led by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
USC Oncologists Present Findings at Cancer Research Conference
Keck School of Medicine of USC researchers at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital presented important findings at the 2011 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the largest annual conference on cancer research.
SPPD Grads Make Instant Impact in Health Field
Soon after finishing his Master of Health Administration degree at the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development in May, Veeral Shah found himself managing the day-to-day operations of three departments as an associate administrator at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks.
USC Researchers Link Genetic Marker to Rectal Cancer Treatment
USC researchers have identified a genetic marker that may predict which patients with rectal cancer can be cured by certain chemotherapies when combined with surgery.
Sexual Abuse Victims Likely to Face Decades of Health Issues
Girls who were the victims of sexual abuse are biologically changed, a 24-year study from researchers at USC and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center found.
USC Study Examines Risks of Sex on the Street
Although homeless men are aware of the risk of unprotected sex, they are not very educated on how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases, a USC study found.
The Psychology of Addictive Behavior in Young Gay Men
USC School of Social Work professor Dorian Traube has built upon current studies showing that young men who have sex with men are more likely to participate in dangerous behavior such as drug use and unprotected sex.
L.A. Care Grant Funds Dentistry at Ostrow School
L.A. Care Health Plan, the largest public health plan in the nation and an advocate for accessible health care coverage, awarded the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC Community Health Programs $75,000 to provide dental care for patients in need.
Possible Link Between Stress and Lung Damage in Children
Children’s lungs may suffer more damage from traffic-related pollution when they’re living in stress-filled households, according to new research by the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Bridging the Gap Brings Minorities to Keck School
A new effort to attract top minority students to the Keck School of Medicine of USC brought 12 undergraduate students to the Health Sciences campus this summer.
New Clues About Parkinson’s Disease
Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have uncovered structural clues about the protein linked to Parkinson’s disease, which ultimately could lead to finding a cure for the degenerative neurological disorder.
Study Indicates Dentin May Not Be Needed for Enamel Formation
A study led by Yang Chai of the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC had some surprising results that appear to challenge long-held ideas about normal tooth development.
USC Receives $150 Million Naming Gift From W. M. Keck Foundation
The University of Southern California has received a $150 million naming gift from the W. M. Keck Foundation to accelerate groundbreaking medical, clinical and translational research and education.
Active Life Helps Prevent Health Decline in Seniors
Small, healthy lifestyle changes and involvement in meaningful activities - going beyond just diet and exercise - are critical to healthy aging, according to a new USC study.
Saks Institute Holds Symposium on Restraints
Nearly a dozen nationally respected mental health experts recently gathered at the USC Gould School of Law to debate and discuss the ethical, practical and legal implications of mechanically restraining people with mental illness.
When Stressed, Men Charge Ahead, Women More Cautious
Stress causes men and women to respond differently to risky decisions, with men charging ahead for small rewards and women taking their time.
USC Study Examines Stress Levels Among Couples
A new USC study found that it isn’t enough for couples to relax together for their stress levels to fall at the end of the day.
Apparent Genetic Link to Prostate Cancer in African-American Men Discovered
Some men of African descent may have a higher genetic risk of developing prostate cancer, according to research conducted at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Winning the Battle With Depression and Moving Upward
Claudia Martinez walked proudly across the Shrine Auditorium stage on May 15 to collect her degree from the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Doctors of USC Celebrates Westside Opening
The cardinal and gold flag of USC officially was planted on the Westside of Los Angeles at the opening of the university’s new clinical satellite, The Doctors of USC Beverly Hills.
SPPD Sparks Conversation on Health Care Challenges
When physician Anthony Pollard asked a group of USC students if they trusted the government or insurance companies with their health care, the answer was an emphatic no. They did, however, trust their doctors.
USC Urologists Lay Groundwork for USC-China Program
A team from the USC Institute of Urology recently returned from a 12-day, five-city visit to Asia to lay the groundwork for a collaborative program with physicians in China.
Occupational Therapy Students and Faculty Fight Cancer
USC’s Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life held on Cromwell Field on April 9.
Broad Stem Cell Building Makes Lab of the Year List
The Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC received high honors from R&D magazine, which announced its 2011 Laboratory of the Year winners.
Doctors of USC Open New Location in Beverly Hills
USC is bringing its medical expertise in ophthalmology and urology/prostate cancer to Los Angeles’ Westside with the opening of the Doctors of USC Beverly Hills.
Safety Is No Accident
Safety starts at home, or in USC’s case, on campus.
Two USC Divisions to Partner on Postdoctoral Grant
The USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy will partner over the next five years to train eight postdoctoral researchers.
Ostrow Faculty-Student Team Honored
The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry named Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC faculty member Pascal Magne and DDS student Brik Nielsen the 2010 winners of the Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Award.
SPPD Revises Master of Health Administration Degree
While the United States reforms its health care system, the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development is following suit with a revamp of its Master of Health Administration program.
USC Breaks Ground for Student Health Center
Under a shower of cardinal and gold confetti, Michele Dedeaux Engemann pumped her spirited fingers to the beat of the Trojan Marching Band as she helped break ground April 4 on USC’s new student health center.
Researchers Show Drug Is Effective in Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
Keck School of Medicine of USC researchers have found that pioglitazone, a drug that reverses some of the bad effects of obesity, reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 72 percent in pre-diabetic patients.
USC Hospitals Rank Highly Among Metro Area Hospitals
USC University Hospital ranked third among 44 hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange counties in a new survey published by U.S. News & World Report.
Essential Enzyme for Healthy Lung Development Discovered
Investigators at The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles have provided the first evidence showing that Eya1, a protein phosphatase, is a crucial regulator of the development of embryonic lung epithelial stem cells.
Vega Speaks at Dementia Conference
William Vega delivered the opening plenary lecture at the “Many Faces of Dementia” conference at the Davidson Continuing Education Center on March 18.
USC Annenberg Center Scores Top Health Care Journalism Award
USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism’s California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting, in partnership with the Chico Enterprise-Record, won the Award for Excellence in Health Care Journalism for “A Burning Issue,” an in-depth project exploring the politics, science and health consequences of woodstove smoke pollution.
Squeezing More Activities Into a Busy Day
While many people harbor a secret hope to magically stretch their daily schedules to fit in more exercise, reading or even napping, licensed occupational therapist Camille Dieterle has ideas for making such wishes come true.
McFadden Examines Dysfunction of U.S. Health Care
When it comes to regulating health care, the common perception is that Democrats trust the government while Republicans rely on the market.
Sleep Apnea Articles Honored
Two articles published by Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC investigators in the journal Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology & Endodontics have won awards for the journal’s best articles of 2010.
Clinical Trial Tests New Heart Valve Treatment
USC University Hospital is one of 40 hospitals across the United States to participate in a clinical trial testing a new percutaneous treatment option for patients suffering from severe aortic valve stenosis.
Valter Longo Receives $11.5 Million NIH Award
USC Davis School of Gerontology cell biologist Valter Longo received an $11.5 million award from the National Institute of Health for a research program focusing on dietary restriction and mechanisms of differential cellular protection.
USC Receives Largest Single Gift in Its History
USC has received $200 million - the largest single gift in its history - from longtime supporters and international philanthropists Dana and David Dornsife.
Bass Delivers Annual Roybal Memorial Lecture
Rep. Karen Bass addressed the potential impact of government budget cuts and health care reform legislation on older adults during the 2011 Roybal Memorial Lecture at Town & Gown on Feb. 23.
USC Professor Outlines Advocacy for Better Health Care
With recent news that the state of California lost tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to provide health care to uninsured children - because it didn’t enroll enough children to qualify for Medicaid and Medi-Cal - the importance of patient advocacy has become clearer than ever before.
Obama Appoints USC Professor to Key Administrative Post
President Barack Obama has announced his intent to appoint USC professor Jonathan M. Samet to the National Cancer Advisory Board.
OTs and PTs Gather to Honor Teamwork
In a forum organized by students from the USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, students, faculty and clinicians gathered in Mayer Auditorium to discuss each professions’ roles in varied health care settings.
Scientists Discover a Protein to Fight Leukemia
Scientists have announced a breakthrough in understanding how the body fights leukemia.
NIH-Funded Study Widens Recovery Window From Brain Injury
In the largest stroke rehabilitation study ever conducted in the United States, stroke patients who had physical therapy at home improved their ability to walk just as well as those who were treated in a training program that requires the use of a body-weight supported treadmill device followed by walking practice.
Brushing Up on Dental Education
More than 150 children at John W. Mack Elementary School received a free oral health checkup and dental care supplies from students at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.
New Bilingual Health Literacy Tool in the Works
USC School of Pharmacy assistant professor Mel Baron is expanding his outreach efforts to the video/DVD format.
With Wisdom Comes Successful Aging
An expert in the field of aging, discussed his ongoing research on the criteria and determinants of successful aging.
USC Women Offered Free Heart Screening
USC’s female faculty and staff have the opportunity for a special "valentine" next month in the form of a free heart disease screening Feb. 7.
High-spending Hospitals May Save More Lives
Studies have shown that regions spending more on medical care, such as Miami, do not have better health outcomes than regions that spend relatively less, such as Minneapolis.
Pharmacy Students Take on Mental Illness
When staff members at the Weingart Center Association, a residential facility for homeless people on Skid Row, asked USC School of Pharmacy students to help them address the pressing needs of mental illness among their residents, Terrance Yu took up the challenge.
USC to Study Heart Rate in Football Players
NFL Charities has awarded a $100,000 medical research grant to the Keck School of Medicine of USC to study heart rate behavior in National Football League players and USC student-athletes.
Study Points to Environmental Factors of Autism
Living near a freeway may be associated with increased risk of autism, according to a study published by a team of researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the UC Davis MIND Institute.
Celebrating the Holidays Safely
'Tis the season for holiday parties, gift-giving, festive lights and time with family and friends - but it’s also the season during which common colds and other respiratory illnesses are most rampant.
Despite Longer Life Spans, Fewer Years Are Free of Disease
Increased life expectancy in the United States has not been accompanied by more years of perfect health, reveals new research published in the December issue of the Journal of Gerontology.
Pilot Grants Awarded by Science Institute
Building upon an increased focus on translational research at USC, the Los Angeles Basin Clinical and Translational Science Institute has awarded a total of $700,000 to 24 pilot grants recipients.
USC Scholars Named to New Training Programs
Aiming to train a new generation of translational researchers, the Los Angeles Basin Clinical and Translational Science Institute has named its first nine scholars in its new pre- and postdoctoral training programs.
Newton to Step Down as Department of Emergency Medicine Chair
After seven years leading the oldest and one of the largest academic departments in emergency medicine in the United States, Edward Newton has announced his intention to step down from his position as chair.
Reaching Toward the Fountain of Youth
To understand the promise and pitfalls of anti-aging therapies, start with the research and lifestyles of anti-aging scholars.
Do Hospital Perks Determine a Patient’s Satisfaction?
Hospitals increasingly are touting their luxury services in a bid to gain market share, especially those in competitive urban markets.
USC Hospitals CEO Talks Shop
It doesn’t take much to run into Mitch Creem, chief executive officer of USC University Hospital and USC Norris Cancer Hospital.
Novel Device Opened Clogged Arteries in the Brain
Neurosurgeons at USC University Hospital recently performed the first procedure in California using a unique, balloon-expandable stent to treat narrowing in the arteries of the brain.
New Fotonovela Deals With Dementia
An estimated 35.6 million people worldwide are living with dementia, according to a report by Alzheimer’s Disease International.
Study Links Language to Health-Care Quality Perceptions
A study found that foreign-born Latino patients had a more positive perception of health-care quality when clinical service providers spoke to them in the same language.
USC Norris Named Center of Excellence for Clinical Trials
The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center has been designated a Phase I Clinical Trial Center of Excellence by the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Peter Jones to Step Down From Cancer Center Post
A passion for research has driven Peter Jones to a number of great successes as director of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center for the past 17 years.
Genetic Predisposition to Fatty Liver Disease
Two studies from the Childhood Obesity Research Center at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have found evidence that Hispanic children and adolescents are genetically predisposed to developing fatty liver disease.
How to Maintain Health on an International Getaway
Mosquitoes transmit diseases, including malaria, encephalitis and yellow fever, to 700 million people annually around the world.
Schaeffer Center Hosts First Health Policy Conference
The United States faces a Herculean challenge in trying to bend the curve on health costs, and it may take a national emergency before something finally can be done about it, health policy experts warned at an October conference at USC.
USC Opens Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger joined USC administrators, trustees, elected public officials and more than 150 invited guests in the dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC held Oct. 29.
USC Wins Grant to Study Advanced Prostate Cancer Therapy
The National Institutes of Health has awarded a USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center research team a three-year, $1.6 million grant for a clinical trial of a new drug to treat advanced prostate cancer.
Stem Cell Research Building Dedication Set for Oct. 29
The Keck School of Medicine of USC has started the countdown for the much-anticipated opening of the Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC.
Health Care Reform Presents New Opportunities in L.A.
Provisions of the federal health care reform law passed earlier this year will have a profound impact on Los Angeles and surrounding communities.
Vega Honored for Contributions to Hispanic Mental Health
USC Provost Professor William Vega has received the 2010 Research and Advocacy Award from the National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health.
USC Hospitals Go Smoke Free
In an effort to promote health and wellness at the USC Health Sciences campus, several partners in the USC clinical enterprise are going smoke free.
$20 Million for Health Care Reform Research
USC’s growing community of behavioral economists and other experts on health care reform have received a $20 million boost with the announcement of three research grants.
Trojans Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The Trojan Family is promoting breast cancer awareness now until the end of October.
NCI Awards $2.5 Million to USC Cancer Researcher
Fatih Uckun has been awarded $2.5 million from the National Cancer Institute to support development of a new class of anticancer drugs against acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Brekke Tapped to Give Rosen Lecture
The Society for Social Work and Research has selected John Brekke to give the 2011 Aaron Rosen Lecture at its 15th annual meeting in January, recognizing his career accomplishments in mental health services research.
Call to Action on Childhood Obesity
A call to action on childhood obesity drew a standing-room-only crowd and six U.S. Congress members to Town & Gown on Sept. 10.
Sorting Through Self-Esteem Issues
Katherine Schwarzenegger felt something was amiss one day last summer when she overheard her young cousins chatting with each other about their bodies.
USC Joins Collaboration for Charles R. Drew University
USC is among six California-based institutions that have joined together in an effort to rescue, restructure, reinvigorate and guide Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science toward a new, resurgent and financially viable future.
Pharmacy Students Nab National Awards
Several students from the USC School of Pharmacy were recognized at the Student National Pharmaceutical Association meeting held July 23-26 in Seattle.
A Walk Through the Wellderness
The Wellderness Workshop, a six-week series organized by the USC Davis School of Gerontology on the University Park campus, came to a successful conclusion on Aug. 13.
Elyn Saks Underwrites a New Institute
What would you do with $500,000 and no strings attached?
Obesity Focus Group Reveals Weighty Findings
USC School of Pharmacy associate professor Mel Baron recently conducted an obesity focus group that revealed interesting insights on the hot-button health topic highlighted by first lady Michelle Obama’s anti-childhood obesity action plan.
USC Holds Health Empowerment Camp for Teens
Victor Cano, 16, holding up a plastic bag filled with the 64 grams of white sugar he’d just measured out, exclaimed, “That’s a lot of sugar!”
Postmenopausal Therapy Poses Risk for Breast Cancer
Using postmenopausal hormone therapy for more than 15 years increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, particularly among leaner women.
The Positive Aspects of Aging
It’s tempting to think about aging as a time of losses, both internal and external.
Accolades Aplenty for USC’s Health Sciences Marketing Team
From billboards to radio spots to digital banner ads, USC’s Health Sciences Public Relations and Marketing team has been moving at full speed in its effort to increase awareness of and preference for the university’s two private hospitals.
Med COR Program Gets New Life
A nearly 40-year-old USC program designed to help high school students in underserved areas of Los Angeles County will remain open.
Regional Variation in Health Care Spending
Schaeffer Center researchers investigate whether geographic variations in use of health services and spending differed between Medicare and the private sector.
USC Hospitals Rank Among Top National Facilities
USC University Hospital placed among the top hospitals in the nation in the 21st annual rankings of “America’s Best Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report.
USC Studies Nitric Oxide’s Link to Asthma
Children with elevated levels of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) are at increased risk for developing asthma, particularly among children without a parental history of the disease, a study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has found.
Researchers Test Less Invasive Breast Cancer Screening
Keck School of Medicine of USC researchers will test whether a set of blood-based biomarkers can assist mammography in the early detection of breast cancer with a $180,000 grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
Keck School Receives $24 Million Gift
The Keck School of Medicine of USC has announced a $24 million gift from media executive and philanthropist Sumner M. Redstone to support cancer research.
Health Journalism Grants Announced
The USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism announced 20 journalism awards totaling $55,000 to support investigative and explanatory reporting projects on America's underserved communities.
Symposium Seeks New Cancer Treatments
Magicians don’t typically give keynote speeches at medical conferences, but then again, the first Physical Sciences in Oncology Center Symposium was no typical meeting.
Study: Higher STD Rates Among Users of ED Drugs
Physicians who prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs for their male patients should be sure to discuss the importance of safer sex practices, even with older patients, according to a report in the July 6 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.
Dental Hygiene Students Showcase Science Prowess
Several dental hygiene students at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC shared their research talents at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association annual session.
USC Study Charts Pollution in Compact Regions
A study in the latest issue of the Journal of American Planning Association concludes that exposure to poor air quality is higher in compact U.S. regions than in sprawled locations.
Family Medicine Group Receives Award
The Family Medicine Interest Group at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has received a Program of Excellence Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Geller Named New Director of USC College-Keck School Program
USC College Dean Howard Gillman has announced the hiring of Kenneth Geller as the new director of the USC College-Keck School of Medicine Academic and Advising Program.
Breakthrough Research at Oncology Meeting
Researchers at USC and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center will present promising new findings in a number of cancer research areas at the 2010 American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting.
Doctors of USC Beverly Hills on Track
USC recently signed a nine-year lease agreement, valued at $8 million, for 14,195 square feet of medical office space at Archway Medical Plaza.
USC Participates in Major Clinical Trial
A major study of people at risk for stroke, conducted in part at USC University Hospital, showed that two medical procedures designed to prevent future strokes are safe and effective overall.
Dentistry Advances in National Grant Rankings
From 2008 to 2009, the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC jumped from 16th to 12th in a ranking of all United States dental institutions receiving funds from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.
Center Aims to Interrupt Cancer Pathways
A new program created at the Keck School of Medicine of USC aims to treat cancer and other diseases by discovering and modulating cellular communication pathways.
Experts Address Health Care at SPPD Panel
The USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development hosted the latest in its 2009-10 Dean’s Speaker Series, a panel discussion focusing on leadership in health care policy.
Research Shows Higher Rate of Visual Impairment Among Latinos
Doheny Eye Institute researchers have discovered that Latinos have higher rates of developing visual impairment, blindness, diabetic eye disease and cataracts than non-Hispanic whites.
Grant to Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Susan Enguidanos has received a two-year, $200,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Aging to help lower the prevalence of hospital readmission.
Fighting Cardiovascular Disease in East L.A.
Community collaborators to form the Center for Population Health and Health Disparities.
New Prosthesis Offered at Doheny Eye Center
A special prosthesis that fits over the entire eye is bringing hope to patients suffering from corneal irregularities and severe dry eye.
Experts Advise Women to Maintain Health
Various experts came together at the USC Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center to discuss healthy aging at the eighth annual Sisters Staying Healthy Conference.
NIH Awards $6 Million for Liver Research
The USC Research Center for Liver Diseases received a competitive renewal of a $6.07 million grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, a division of the National Institutes of Health.
Town Hall Focuses on Health Care Reforms
Keck School students address key issues regarding health-related law during a panel discussion in Hollywood.
New USC Center for Learning Support
USC parents Walter G. and Marcia B. Kortschak have made a historic gift commitment of $10 million to establish an endowment for the creation of the USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity in Student Affairs at USC.
Seniors Step Toward Healthy Living
Local senior citizens put on their dancing shoes as part of Skull and Mortar’s fourth annual Senior Prom event held at St. Barnabas Senior Center.
5K Run/Walk to Fight Women’s Cancers
Faculty, staff, students, residents and friends are invited to join Team USC Norris at the 17th annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women on May 8 to help fight women’s cancers.
Panel Focuses on Health Equity Issues
Student organizations unite for an event covering access, quality and outcomes in minority communities.
Neural Stem Cells Reverse Deficits in Mouse Model
Roberta Brinton leads a team developing a therapeutic to treat and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
Social Work Sets Virtual MSW Program
USC has announced a second virtual master’s degree program, this time at the School of Social Work.
USC Honored for Hemophilia Research
USC School of Pharmacy professor Kathleen Johnson and student Zheng-Yi Zhou were honored for their hemophilia research at the National Conference on Blood Disorders in Public Health.
Brinton Featured in New York Times Magazine
Professor’s estrogen research is highlighted in Sunday’s edition.
New Molecular Subtype of Brain Cancer Discovered
A study conducted by a collaborative team led by USC researchers may lead to better insight into the clinical outcome for some patients with a particularly aggressive type of brain cancer.
Sood Nominated for Health Care Award
School of Pharmacy’s Neeraj Sood is a finalist for a research award.
Wrestling With Bouts of Pediatric Asthma
Professor Mel Baron’s new fotonovela dispels myths about the chronic medical condition among children.
Air Pollution Exposure at Schools Linked to Childhood Asthma
Living near major highways has been linked to childhood asthma, but a new study suggests that traffic-related pollution near schools is also contributing to the development of asthma in children.
Grant Funds Efforts to Prevent Stress Disorder
A USC School of Social Work professor will use a $1.8 million federal grant to help prevent long-term mental-health disturbances from developing among the children of military families.
Global Health Awareness Week Begins April 5
A world of activities awaits visitors on the University Park and Health Sciences campuses.
Obstetrician Delivered Flourishing Program
Daniel Potter wanted to become a doctor, but found it difficult to gain firsthand experience as a volunteer at local clinics or hospitals.
Surgeons Find Improved Outcomes for Kidney Tumor Surgery
Several studies published in top medical journals by USC surgeons have found that surgical treatment of kidney cancer is not the daunting prospect it once was.
Staff Chosen for Health Reporting Center
The USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism has announced the hiring of top editors and reporters from around the nation to staff the California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting.
Shortcomings in Comparative Effectiveness Drug Research
An analysis by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has found that only 32 percent of medication studies published in top medical journals compare the effectiveness of existing treatments.
Vivian Wu Studies Health Care Pricing
A study by USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development professor Vivian Wu finds that despite the increasing clout of HMOs in the 1990s, hospitals maintained a dominant position in determining health care pricing decisions.
John Brekke Earns Investigator Award
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research has selected USC School of Social Work professor John Brekke to receive a grant to study mental health system transformation in America.
USC to Collaborate With Autism Institute
The Keck School of Medicine of USC has announced a collaboration with the Dan Marino Foundation and its Marino Autism Research Institute to support multidisciplinary research into the causes and treatment of autism spectrum disorder.
USC Eye Trauma Program Wins Federal Funding
Restoring sight for combat troops who have suffered eye injuries in battle is one of the goals of a research program based at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Professor Honored for Environmental Leadership
John M. Peters has been honored for his leadership in environmental health research that has influenced California public policy.
Growing Gender Gap in Stroke Prevalence
When it comes to stroke prevalence, it appears that the gender gap is widening. According to a new report from a researcher at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, women between the ages of 35 and 64 are almost three times more likely to have a stroke compared to men in the same age group.
Dealing With Untreated Dental Disease
A huge percentage of underprivileged children in Los Angeles County have infectious dental disease that has gone unchecked, according to a study led by the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.
Air Pollution Linked to Progression of Atherosclerosis
Researchers have found that exposure to air pollution accelerates the thickening of artery walls that leads to cardiovascular disease.
Research Day Showcases Scientific Talent
Student and faculty investigators presented more than 100 research projects during the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC Research Day event held Feb. 10 at the Galen Center.
Giving Children Healthy Smiles
More than 100 students at St. Agnes Catholic School, a member of the USC Family of Schools, received free oral health screenings and education as part of Give Kids a Smile Day 2010.
USC Stem Cell Researchers Receive Funding
Keck School of Medicine of USC researchers Qi-Long Ying and Gregor Adams are the recipients of a National Institutes of Health grant and an American Society of Hematology award that will enhance their individual work in stem cell research and therapy development.
Reducing Stress at USC Labs
Trojans can de-stress at the new stress reduction labs on the University Park and Health Sciences campuses.
Predicting the Recurrence of Gastric Cancer
For the first time, USC researchers have identified specific genetic variations that predict clinical outcomes in patients with gastric (stomach) cancer.
Researchers Explore Biology of Type 2 Diabetes
Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have discovered new genetic variants that provide insights into the biology of type 2 diabetes and may lead to improved treatment for patients with the disease.
Update on Fasting Strategy for Chemo Patients
Case reports from 10 cancer patients suggest that limited fasting can help some individuals improve their tolerance for chemotherapy.
Benefits of Health Care Prevention
A study overseen by USC professor Dana Goldman provides support for preventive measures as a cost-effective way to improve the health and life spans of elderly patients with certain chronic conditions.
Faculty Physicians Named ‘Super Doctors’
Nearly 200 Doctors of USC have been selected for the 2010 Southern California Super Doctors list to be published in Los Angeles Magazine.
Developmental Neuroscience Program Flourishes
Researchers at the Saban Research Institute at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles are moving closer to understanding the complex interaction between genetic and environmental factors that impact the development of brain architecture.
Keck Students Voice Health Care Concerns
Students at the Keck School of Medicine of USC are taking an active role in the debate over health care reform.
Goldman Estimates Longer Life Spans
New estimates of the future life span of Americans exceed the government’s own projections by as much as 7.9 years, according to a research team of heath policy experts that included USC professor Dana Goldman.
USC Receives $3 Million for Stem Cell Training
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has awarded USC $3 million to support a training program in stem cell biology.
Link Found Between Fitness and Cognition
In the first study to demonstrate a clear positive association between adolescent fitness and adult cognitive performance, Nancy Pedersen of USC and colleagues in Sweden find that better cardiovascular health among teenage boys correlates to higher scores on a range of intelligence tests - and more education and income later in life.
New Nanoscience Labs Are Completed
After four years - a blink of an eye in research time - the USC Biomedical Nanoscience Initiative has built out the core laboratories specified in Executive Vice President and Provost C. L. Max Nikias’ original vision.
USC Leads Way in Transformative Grants
USC recently learned that it fared remarkably well in a new grant program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
As Holidays Begin, Fight On Against the Flu
With H1N1 flu cases showing a small decrease nationally and locally in recent weeks, officials at the Health Sciences campus urge the public to continue taking precautions against the spread of flu-like illnesses.
Plaque Poses Problems for a Cardiologist
USC biomedical engineer and cardiologist Tzung Hsiai hopes to develop a new tool to help clinicians distinguish cardiac emergencies requiring immediate surgery from chronic problems that are manageable with drugs and changes in lifestyle.
Dental Hygiene Students Screen for Oral Cancer
Members of the USC School of Dentistry’s Dental Hygiene Class of 2010 provided oral health screenings and tobacco cessation advice for USC students, staff members and visitors during the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout.
Former USC Intern Fights for Cleaner Air
Otana Jakpor’s essay on how she spent her time with USC would include leading demonstrations on how to map demographic data and conducting research on diesel emissions from locomotives and other rail yard equipment.
D. Brent Polk to Lead Pediatrics Programs
D. Brent Polk has been named chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and chair of pediatrics and vice president of academic affairs at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, effective April 1, 2010.
Richard Bergman Honored by Columbia University
USC professor Richard Bergman has been honored with the Naomi Berrie Award from Columbia University Medical Center for his achievements in research on type 2 diabetes.
Sykes Gift Endows New Faculty Chair
A $1 million gift from the Sykes family has established the first endowed faculty chair within the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.
Pollution’s Impact May be Underestimated
Heavy traffic corridors in the cities of Long Beach and Riverside are responsible for a significant proportion of preventable childhood asthma, and the true impact of air pollution and ship emissions on the disease has likely been underestimated, according to researchers at USC.
KNOWME Wins Body Computing Slam Prize
A team led by associate professor Donna Spruijt-Metz won co-honors with USC Viterbi School of Engineering faculty at the USC Body Computing Slam.
Study Links Children's Sites to Air Pollution
Research produced by Summer Undergraduate Research Fund students has won a top honor from the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers.
Samet Addresses International Health Concerns
Jonathan Samet reached an international audience with messages about global health during two sessions at USC’s 2009 Global Conference in Taiwan.
Agency Grants $16M for Stem Cell Research
Physician-researchers at USC received a nearly $16 million grant from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine to fund the development of a stem cell-based treatment for age-related macular degeneration
Grant to Examine Late-Life Oral Health
Jung Ki Kim, research assistant professor at the USC Davis School of Gerontology, has received a $448,061 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant to examine oral health and healthy aging.
New Cancer Research Center to be Based at USC
USC has been selected to establish a $16 million cancer research center as part of a new strategy against the disease by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and its National Cancer Institute.
Newton Takes Part in Cancer Research
Paul K. Newton, a USC specialist in applied mathematics, will participate in a new physics oncology center, working with scientists at the Scripps Research Institute and other institutions.
Chen Named Co-Chair of Safety Group
USC School of Pharmacy associate professor Steven Chen has been appointed co-chair of the Health Resources and Services Administration Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Collaborative 2.0.
Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact
Live demonstrations of devices that do everything from helping physicians connect with each other on patient care issues to showing people how stressful situations affect their own hearts were highlights of the Body Computing 3.0 conference.
Lasting Legacy of the H1N1 Flu of 1918
People exposed to a H1N1 strain of influenza A while in utero were significantly more likely to have cardiovascular disease later in life, according to a new study published in the Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease.
USC to Generate Data for Cancer Genome
The USC Epigenome Center has been awarded a $10.4 million National Cancer Institute grant that is expected to pave the way for more effective treatment and diagnosis for cancer patients.
Exploring Ways to Improve Cancer Knowledge
What caused Pinocchio’s nose to grow longer? What was the name of your second grade teacher?
Study Looks at Expired Foods in Low-income Areas
A USC study has found a good reason to check the expiration date on market foods.
Dana Goldman to Head Schaeffer Center
Dana Goldman, a widely respected expert in health economics, has been named director of the new Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC.
New Health Policy and Economics Center at USC
A major new research center focused on health policy and economics has been established at USC, USC Executive Vice President and Provost C. L. Max Nikias announced.
USC Launches Health Care Reporting Project
The USC Annenberg School for Communication has announced a partnership with the California HealthCare Foundation to do in-depth reporting on health policy issues throughout the state.
Preet Chaudhary Joins USC Cancer Center
Preet Chaudhary has been named chief of the Jane Anne Nohl Division of Hematology and Center for the Study of Blood Diseases at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital, effective Jan. 1, 2010.
Leaving No Scars Behind
For the first time in Southern California, urologic surgeons at the Keck School of Medicine of the USC Institute of Urology and USC-affiliated Childrens Hospital Los Angeles performed “belly-button” single-port laparoscopic kidney removal surgery on a child with non-functioning kidneys.
USC Studies Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases have discovered high concentrations of a specific mutator protein in cells that develop resistance to drug treatment in chronic myeloid leukemia.
Changes Linked to Prenatal Smoke Exposure
A new study by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has found that the lifelong effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy may occur through specific changes in DNA patterns.
Rep. Schiff Sizes Up Health Reform
The Keck School of Medicine of USC brought a hot topic to the table on Aug. 18 when it presented a health care reform discussion with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-29th Congressional District).
USC Braces for Tough Flu Season
Health officials around the world are expecting the 2009-10 flu season to be more intense than usual, with the possibility of significant rates of infection because of a new strain of flu that most people under the age of 50 have not encountered.
Is Heart Disease Not a Thing of the Past?
Heart attacks and strokes — the leading causes of death in the United States and other developed countries — may have been rare for the vast majority of human history, suggests a study published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE.
Safe Sleep Through Anesthesia
Some students may complain about professors making them drowsy, but in one Keck School of Medicine of USC program, the students are learning how to put others to sleep.
There Is a Doctor in the House
The USC Home Visit Program provides care for Los Angeles-area patients who have difficulty leaving their homes to attend medical appointments.
Keck School Launches Health Reform Initiatives
As the health reform debate heats up across the country and in Washington, D.C., the dean’s office at the Keck School of Medicine of USC is launching a number of initiatives to keep the university’s community well informed and engaged.
Doheny Eye Institute Wins R&D 100 Award
The Doheny Eye Institute at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has won a prestigious 2009 R&D 100 Award for its U.S. Department of Energy-funded artificial retina project designed to restore sight to the blind.
Stress and Pollution Up Risk for Children
Children with stressed-out parents may be more susceptible to developing asthma associated with environmental triggers such as high levels of traffic-related pollution and tobacco smoke, according to a new study led by researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Jae Jung to Lead Virus Control Study
A multi-institutional team of researchers has received more than $10 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health to investigate virus control mechanisms.
Girth Plays Large Role in Social Networks
Researchers from the Institute of Prevention Research at the Keck School of Medicine of USC found in a recent study that overweight youth were twice as likely to have overweight friends.
Benefits of Healthy Kids Program
A program that provides health care coverage to uninsured children saved Los Angeles County health facilities more than $37 million in uncompensated costs over the past three years, according to an analysis led by USC community health expert Michael Cousineau.
Guarding the Health of Elder Latinos
The Los Angeles Partnership for Evidence-Based Solutions in Elder Health, chaired by Maria P. Aranda of the USC School of Social Work and the USC Davis School of Gerontology, has released a Call to Action report.
Professor Receives Cancer Institute Award
Alan L. Epstein, professor in the Department of Pathology, recently received an award of $3.5 million for a drug development project through the National Cancer Institute’s Rapid Access to Intervention Development (RAID) program.
Stressed Men More Likely to Gamble
New research, published July 1 in the journal PLoS One, shows that men under stress may be more likely to take risks, correlating to such real-life behavior as gambling, smoking, unsafe sex and illegal drug use.
How One Kidney Became Four — And Counting
The story of Keenan Cheung and his new kidney is an unusual one. It began ordinarily enough. When Cheung, director of housing services at USC, began losing function of his kidneys, he was placed on dialysis. Because his wife, Jeanne, has an incompatible blood type and was unable to give him one of hers, he began the long wait for a donor.
A Chance to Serve Is Its Own Reward
Judy Stark gets a natural high coming to USC Norris Cancer Hospital. The cancer survivor has been a volunteer at USC Norris for five years and loves her work because of “the endorphins it creates.”
School of Pharmacy Chapter Honored
The USC School of Pharmacy Student Chapter of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research was named Outstanding Chapter of the Year.
Renowned Breast Oncologist Heads to USC
A national figure in breast cancer research is headed to USC to serve as co-leader of the Women’s Cancer Program at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Rethinking Housing and Aging in Place
Combining home modifications with the Obama administration’s plan to retrofit dwellings throughout the country for energy conservation could help millions of older adults to age in place.
Andrus Center Swings for Healthy Aging
The Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center honored Edward P. Roski Jr., president and chief executive officer of Majestic Realty Co. and chairman of the USC Board of Trustees, at the 12th annual Rod Dedeaux Memorial Swing for Healthy Aging Golf Classic.
Renowned Surgeon Inderbir Gill Welcomed
Pioneering urologist and surgeon Inderbir S. “Indy” Gill was welcomed to Los Angeles and the Trojan family at a Beverly Hills reception hosted by actress Shirley MacLaine and Keck School of Medicine of USC Dean Carmen A. Puliafito.
Training Guide Addresses Unfamiliar Turf
Twenty years from now, the number of people over the age of 65 in the United States will nearly double from 12 to 20 percent of the population. This group, predicted to have greater needs for psychological services than today’s older adults, faces a dearth of mental health professionals specially trained to meet its demands.
Is Alzheimer Disease Part of Normal Aging?
The question of whether Alzheimer disease is a normal part of aging was the central theme of the sixth annual Alzheimer Disease Research Update Day held on May 22 at the Andrus Gerontology Center.
Pharmacists and Physicians Team Up at Clinic
“Patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” advised USC School of Pharmacy commencement speaker Paul Gregerson at the ceremony held at the Health Sciences Campus Quad.
Surrounding Tooth Characteristics Don’t Govern Jawbone Graft Outcomes
The genetics of surrounding teeth do not necessarily predict how successful a jawbone graft will be.
Researchers Find How Flu Dodges Immune System
USC researchers have identified a critical molecular mechanism that allows the influenza virus to evade the body’s immune response system.
Balancing Fitness and Fun
Staying fit in college can be a challenge. For many students, their rigorous academic schedules barely leave time to breathe, let alone hit the gym regularly.
$5M Gift Funds Cancer Research Initiative
The Keck School of Medicine of USC announced a $5 million gift from the Ellison Medical Foundation to support cancer research under David B. Agus.
Antipsychotic Drugs and Schizophrenia
Postponing antipsychotic medications and integrating psychological treatment to those suffering early episodes of schizophrenia may help reduce long-term dependence on antipsychotic drugs.
National Satellite Broadcast Held at USC
The School of Pharmacy presented outcomes data as part of a broadcast bringing together nearly 500 health professionals from across the country.
Emotional Abuse Often Goes Unreported
A lack of understanding about what constitutes emotional abuse often causes the problem to go unidentified in children referred to child protective agencies, USC researchers have found.
Stem Cell Infusions Reverse Lupus Complications
New stem cell research holds great promise for lupus patients, said Songtao Shi, associate professor at the USC School of Dentistry.
Grant Aims to Help Improve Depression in Elderly Latinos
Maria Aranda was awarded a grant to examine the implementation of psychotherapy and depression care management in adult health care, the first known study of its kind.
Aiming to End Alzheimer Disease
The USC Davis School of Gerontology welcomed Potamkin Prize winner Rudolph E. Tanzi, the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, on April 9 to discuss how genes affect Alzheimer disease.
University Hospital Goes to Bat for Dodgers
The Dodgers announced that USC University Hospital is the “Official Hospital of the Los Angeles Dodgers.”
USC Nurse Receives International Award
Tammie Akiyoshi, nursing director at the University Park Health Center, was honored with an international award at the annual meeting of the national Society for Adolescent Medicine held at the Century Plaza Hotel.
Health Center Receives Accreditation
The University Park Health Center has received the maximum three-year accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc.
USC Study Examines Diabetes Risk Factors
Reducing sugar intake by the equivalent of one can of soda per day and increasing fiber intake by the amount equivalent to one half cup of beans per day appears to improve risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes in Latino adolescents.
Preventing Falls Throughout L.A.
The USC Andrus Gerontology Center’s Fall Prevention Center of Excellence received a three-year, $240,000 grant from the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. to build a fall prevention coalition for the city of Los Angeles.
Creem Named CEO of Two USC Hospitals
Mitchell R. Creem has assumed the position of chief executive officer for USC University Hospital and USC Norris Cancer Hospital as the university has taken ownership of the two hospitals.
Researchers Uncover Stem Cell Pathway
The discovery of a mechanism that regulates movement of blood-forming stem cells may help scientists increase the effectiveness of bone marrow transplants.
Report Reveals Surprising Data on Bulimia
The ailment is being underreported among black and low-income adolescents, according to a 10-year survey.
Stumping for Changes in Health Care
Brookings Institute senior fellow Henry Aaron discusses possible reform at a USC Davis School gathering.
Tiny Brain Region Better Part of Valor
Piece of hypothalamus is key to animals’ fear of territorial rivals and predators, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
USC Studies Folic Acid Supplements
Researchers conducting a random trial discover that the supplements are linked to a higher risk of prostate cancer.
Linking Research to Alzheimer Prevention
Dementia symposium features workshops, a technology expo and a panel of individuals with early-stage Alzheimer disease.
Blasting Away Biofilms at Will
Common dental irrigation devices pack a major punch against oral biofilm infections, says a new dental study.
Alcohol, Hepatitis C: Dangerous Cocktail
Patients infected by the virus can develop liver cancer if they drink too much liquor, Keck School researchers find.
A Celebration of Research
School of Dentistry’s Research Day lauds the scientific investigation and innovation of students and faculty members.
How Nitric Oxide Maintains Health
Pharmacologist Louis Ignarro discusses the ‘miracle molecule’ responsible for dilation of blood cells in the human body.
Building Partnerships With Safety-Net Clinics
Pharmacy schools, clinics, government and associations come together to expand clinical pharmacy services in clinics nationwide.
Prevention: The Best Gift for Loved Ones
Correlation between chronic oral infection and heart disease highlights the need for good oral hygiene and healthy choices.
He Leads the Longevity Revolution
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Butler discusses how longer lives and an aging population will affect America’s health care system.
USC to Purchase Two Private Hospitals
The deal to acquire the USC University Hospital and USC Norris Cancer Hospital is expected to close March 31.
Children With a Reason to Smile
Dentistry students and faculty provide oral health education, screenings and care referrals to youngsters at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary.
Green Tea Blocks Benefits of Cancer Drug
USC study finds that an extract of the popular herbal supplement hinders the therapeutic action of Velcade.
From Hospital to Home Care
Susan Enguidanos receives a three-year grant to study transitional care for diabetic Latinos.
Saying ‘Open Wide’ in a Virtual World
Treating ‘patients’ in an online clinic will test dental students’ knowledge and diagnostic skills.
Brushing Up on Oral Health Resolutions
A bright smile can yield success on many levels in everyday life.
Cancer Research Findings Explained
Valter Longo discusses his groundbreaking research on a rare population of dwarves who are seemingly immune to cancer.
Diabetes Increases Risk for Dementia
Getting diabetes before 65 more than doubles the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, according to the latest findings from a longtime study of twins.
Ready for Some Mind Games?
USC College graduate student John Prindle investigates impact of memory training on everyday behavior by older adults.
Traube to Study Adolescent Drug Abuse
Social work professor will examine key objectives associated with HIV-risk related behavior.
O.R. Downtime Cut at Three Hospitals
USC Viterbi department’s recommendations improve the work flow at safety net hospitals in Los Angeles, Riverside County and Ventura County.
Data Links Drugs to Jaw Necrosis Risk
USC School of Dentistry study is among the first to acknowledge correlation between the common medications and jawbone death.
Prepare to Live Long
As the new year approaches, USC’s writer in residence offers an optimistic view on living for years and years.
Seeking Advances in Child Mental Health
USC school teams with research center to focus on well-being of children at risk.
Newspaper Series Launches Health Project
The Center for California Health Care Journalism teams with Merced publication on series about a proposed medical school.
Key Mechanism of Human Lymphomas ID’d
Until now, the elaborate process has been a mystery. Findings by Keck School researchers will appear in a top science journal.
Pharmacists Honored for Innovation
School of Pharmacy team receives the best practices award for work in safety net clinics.
Brain Adapts to Signing
Both deaf and hearing sign language users have more white matter in an important brain region than non-signers, say USC neuroscientists.
Reforming End-of-Life Care
For those with limited time to live, in-home palliative care increases patient satisfaction and reduces service costs, says USC expert.
The War Against HIV/AIDS Continues
USC School of Dentistry Community Health visits California prisons to help dentists fight the disease.
USC Researchers Work on Tooth Enamel
Controlled formation of mineral layers could one day improve reparative and restorative dentistry methods.
HIV/AIDS’ Toll on Oral Health
Two School of Dentistry studies highlight the oral impacts of HIV - as well as its treatment - on women.
Healthy Eating for the Holidays
Nutritionist Patrice Barber offers tasty, timely tips for seasonal feasts.
Health Fair Helps East L.A. Residents
This year’s event gives some visitors their sole chance to see a health care professional in 2008.
Larry King Hosts Childhood Obesity Panel
Health policy leaders gather at USC to discuss the cultural changes and lifestyle patterns leading to childhood obesity.
Key Discovery Made by USC Researchers
Mechanism that regulates the development of stem cells into neurons is identified by Keck School scientist.
Panel Reports on Infant Mortality Rate
Jack Turman and Tyan Parker Dominguez
Across Campus
Medicare Plans
Shifting From Burden to Benefits
Grandmothers take more precautionary measures after assuming long-term care of a relative, but initially are less responsible, according to a USC study.
Filling Cavities … and the Language Gap
USC School of Dentistry students help their peers learn Spanish, which pleases Latino patients.
Donate Art for Hospital Hallways
Believing that art enhances healing, the LAC+USC Art Council seeks images for the new replacement facility.
Abelson Acting Dean of Dental School
He will remain in the post until the university completes a national search for the successor to Harold Slavkin.
Cadenas Awarded Tobacco Disease Grant
USC School of Pharmacy study examines persistent lung damage in patients who have quit smoking.
A Safe Haven of Support
USC Law professor Elyn Saks teams with the USC Center for Work and Family Life to create a support group for faculty with mental health concerns.
Four Straight Wins for USC Chapter
School of Pharmacy’s student organization again is recognized by the National Community Pharmacists Association.
Better Safe Than Sticky
USC dentist Julie Jenks offers tips on how to be smart with Halloween sweets.
Spirituality in Sync With Religion
USC develops a spirituality initiative intended to energize all students, says the new dean of religious life in his installation speech.
Under Duress Behind the Wheel
USC study finds that stressed older drivers are three times more likely to brake than calm drivers.
Puliafito Named to Stem Cell Committee
Gov. Schwarzenegger announces new oversight post for the Keck School of Medicine dean.
The High Cost of Cancer and Stress
Kathleen Ell conducts a study of low-income cancer patients hit by financial hardship and depression.
Study Examines Ulcer Formation
USC division examines the risk of pressure ulcers for individuals with spinal cord injury.
New Focus on Military Social Work
The School of Social Work program, the first of its kind at a major research university, garners $3.3 million in government funding.
Iris Chi Receives Three USC Grants
The expert in elderly health and gerontology will study aging issues in China.
Legislative Day Unites Key Leaders
Guests discuss topical issues at event hosted by USC School of Pharmacy students.
Grant Yields Study of Antibiotic Resistance
Annie Wong-Beringer’s research targets the need for new antibiotic drug development to combat a common resistant bacterium.
Top Researchers to Lecture at USC Davis
The AARP celebrates its 50th anniversary by underwriting a lecture series featuring award-winning gerontology scholars.
Glaucoma Study Gets $8.9M Grant
Keck School researcher David Huang hopes to improve diagnosis of the degenerative eye disease.
Fotonovelas Find Validation in Studies
The USC School of Pharmacy’s Sweet Temptations successfully educates the public about diabetes, according to two reports.
USC Hasn't Washed Its Hands of Virus Yet
The norovirus is still active, though the numbers are dwindling. Health officials continue to stress vigilant hand washing.
Valero-Cuevas Gets Grip on Study
USC researcher will try to learn more about the dexterity of the human hand.
Continued Vigilance Needed on Virus
The executive director of USC's Health Center updates the community on the norovirus that struck campus this week. He stresses that those recovering can still be contagious.
Update: Contagious Gastrointestinal Virus
The number of students affected by a highly contagious gastrointestinal virus is now about 275. Campus offices and classes are continuing as usual; faculty and staff are asked to take precautions. In the past two days, the students have arrived...
Gastrointestinal Virus May Have Peaked
Numbers of new reported cases are slowing, though health officials still urge the USC community to continue to take precautions.
Intimacy and Aging
USC Davis School professor Bob G. Knight discusses how the dynamics of intimacy in a relationship change with age.
Study: Genetic Factors in Prostate Cancer
Keck School's Christopher Haiman is named one of six researchers to receive the National Institutes of Health award.
Ell Earns Distinguished Research Award
The social work expert will be recognized early next year, but she wants to see her findings on depression and cancer screenings practiced in a real-world setting.
Saving Teeth on the Front Lines
John Jerome, DDS 2006, is serving his country as a lieutenant in the Navy Dental Corps, treating patients at Camp Fallujah in Iraq. Here is a first-person account of his life as a Navy dentist in the Middle East.
Grant for Human Trials of Cancer Treatment
V Foundation grant will yield testing of Valter Longo's chemotherapy shield by asking cancer patients to fast for two days before treatment.
Doctor Performs Groundbreaking Surgery
Keck School's Namir Katkhouda removes a gallbladder by operating through a single entry point.
Joining Forces for Faces
Childrens Hospital and USC dental school researchers team up to understand craniofacial defects.
There Are Ways to Deal With Pressure
Lifestyle Redesign® for the College Student helps form comprehensive plans for physical and mental health, academic performance and personal fulfillment.
There’s Gold in Them Thar’ Guards
Oral trauma and sports dentistry expert Ramon Roges creates custom mouth guards for the USC football team.
NIH Awards Go to USC Researchers
School of Pharmacy senior research associate Liana Asatryan and doctoral student Janette Contreras receive more than $570,000 to support innovative research.
From Research to Publication
USC Rossier graduate students see their work turned into a book that has been praised by higher education officials.
White Coats and Warm Welcomes
Entering classes are honored during the annual USC School of Dentistry white coat ceremony.
Study Looks at Long-Term Cancer Survivors
USC-Yale report suggests that hormones’ role in sexuality is limited.
Serving Those Who Served Their Country
The USC Mobile Clinic team travels to the Bay Area to provide much-needed - and highly appreciated - care for homeless veterans.
Alum First to Receive New Fellowship
As a staffer for the U.S. Senate, Gretchen Alkema will continue to research long-term care for the chronically ill.
Oral Health One Key to Child’s Happiness
Checkups and good habits can help youngsters enjoy a safe and healthy school year.
Moving Targets Takes Aim at Diabetes
Annual School of Pharmacy symposium draws scientists and students from across the country.
Striking a Healthy Balance
USC earns 2008 workplace award thanks to its strong combination of workshops, counseling and consultation.
Study: Children at Risk for Pre-Diabetes
A new USC report led by Michael Goran examines the physiological causes of the disease in overweight Hispanic youngsters.
Ph.D. Students Receive National Awards
Adria E. Navarro and Dahlia Fuentes are recipients of Hartford Pre-Dissertation Awards in Geriatric Social Work.
Faculty Get $8M for Stem Cell Research
Keck School and Childrens Hospital faculty members receive grants from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
5-Year Renewal for Biomedical Resource
The Biomedical Simulations Resource at USC has been funded since its inception in 1985, a remarkable record for medical researc
Palate Formation Problems Studied
USC team led by researcher Yang Chai examines signaling redundancy during tooth and palate development.
Marriage May Help Hostile Personality
A nine-year study finds that an increase in blood sugar levels is linked to diabetes and heart attacks in single men with anger issues.
Aarons Award Goes to Larry Gross
The kudo honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the promotion and inclusion of gay and lesbian materials in education and research.
Making a Good Impression
Students spend two positive weeks gaining hands-on experience as members of the sixth annual Dental Explorers Program.
Helping the Medicine Go Down in Ghana
A summer exchange program provides pharmacy student Bonnie Hui with a rewarding, educational experience.
Doors to Open at LAC+USC Hospital
Modern technology, gleaming facilities and state-of-the-art care await visitors at the new replacement facility.